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I’m Rebecca Hranj, a librarian, teacher, bookbinder, box maker, paper marbler, and proud nerd.

Academically I’m interested in Early Modern Drama; the materiality, past, and future of the book; research and information literacy instruction; theatre history; archives and manuscripts; creative pedagogy; digital humanities; and using technology to make research and life better.

Privately I’m interested in hobby photography, making books and boxes, printmaking, helping other humans, community theatre, snarky cross stitch, and polar bears.

my work

I’ve been learning various book arts skills for about three years now and I’m just starting to dip my toes into showing and selling my work. The pieces below are not for sale but if you’re interested in commissioning a book, box, or marbled paper please feel free to contact me at
my first name (Rebecca).my last name (Hranj) @ 

Coptic stitch journal with chip carved covers

Paper cover longstitch journal

Baby bookbinder’s first ever hardcover journal

Custom slipcase for the book my mother bought with her very first paycheck

Bradel binding with paper marbled by one of my binding teachers

Faux leather longstitch sketchbook

Bradel binding with faux silk cloth

Trinket box with fitted lid

The product of a class on metalworking for book artists, where we learned to make brass embellishments by hand

Library book sale find before rebinding

Library book sale find, all rebound with salvaged boards and original title stamp set into cover

Leather longstitch bullet journal, before taking up permanent residence in my bag